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The Corner and Piece of Meat
September 30, 2010, 10:08
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I’m not exactly sure what Tracy Antonopoulos’ new film The Corner will be about yet…but I really don’t mind just watching the trailer over and over.

Another of her full length flicks I’m diggin is Piece of Meat. Tracy uses a fantastic soundtrack to narrate us through her tale…

Tracy’s style is ’50s greaser meets and has a love child with any one of Godard’s french muses.  I’m sort of dying for a cigg right now and a good read…

I found Tracy’s Vimeo log via the video she did for Opening Ceremony’s spring collection with Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman.


so I look in your direction
September 28, 2010, 08:29
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but you pay me no attention, do you?

I haven’t listened to this album or this song in ages…still love it…

You always come to the parties
September 28, 2010, 08:24
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You always come to the parties
Too bad the feathers are for the birds
All your needs
I will not let you grieve

I want your picture but not your words
You know the wanting, but there’s no verse

We always run our heads too much
We know the reason, but such and such
On your own,
You will not let your arm go

Jack of all trades
Master of none
Cry all the time
Cause i’m not having fun

We all look bigger together
you know if this is the devil’s plan
On your own,
You can not call me your heart

you always want to be forgiven
The devil loves what and you print
All your needs
But you can not; you will not agree

I will always remember the first time I watched Crash. Steff?  really?

Debonair: Alvar Aalto
September 27, 2010, 18:26
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archaic : gentle, courteous
a : suave, urbane <a debonair performer> b : lighthearted, nonchalant
deb·o·nair·ly adverb
deb·o·nair·ness noun

“We should work for simple, good, undecorated things” and he continues, “but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street.” ~alvar aalto

it’s all in the Skarsgård
September 25, 2010, 02:24
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Well shit yea for great genes.



Jean-Michel | The Radiant Child
September 24, 2010, 13:39
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Check your local art house listings.

“Director Tamra Davis pays homage to her friend in this definitive documentary but also delves into Basquiat as an iconoclast.”

Fore more info and the trailer, visit the OFFICIAL SITE.

In the meantime, here’s footage of Jean-Michel and Andy, from State of the Art, 1986.

While we’re here, let’s see some Bowie as Warhol in Julian Schnabel’s film.  Bowie is particularly dope as Andy.

give me a bottle of your very best. and some tight wrangler jeans.
September 24, 2010, 12:00
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I sometimes forget just how much I really do love country music.  Maybe because I’m no longer an avid follower of the genre…not that I’m sure I ever was.  Growing up with George Strait in the background (thanks mom!), I find myself able to sing along to most of the man’s hits.  I even became smitten with him in his feature film, Pure Country.  The man does pulls off a classic blazer with a cowboy hat.

Oh and there is also my obsession with the Texas Honky Tonk film Urban Cowboy.

Bud is the Travolta I love.  Sissy and Pam have had some influence on my style.  And of course Johnny Lee’s Looking for Love ties it all up in a Bolo.  I’d like to point out Mr. Lee’s shirt and cowboy hat here:

My first country western live show was Dwight Yoakam.  I’m so glad I was “dragged” to it.  Dwight is the only man who can pull of tight as hell nude leather.

I think Gwyneth is going to slay her new role in Country Strong as an alcoholic country western starlet.

I’m sure once I see it I’ll be looking for a new pair of cowboy boots to replace the ones I once wore daily and start talking to myself (and other fortunate folks) with a honky tonk drawl.

Music is time travel.