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e-Theory | Is the Internet a useful tool in design? How?
November 22, 2011, 14:04
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In my Principles and Theory course, my professor proposed the question:

How useful is the Internet as a tool to formulate (my judgement) your theory of design?

As student, I had the full semester to mull this over and find an answer that made sense to me.

I immediately figured I would conclude, YES, as I use the world-wide web everyday for work, as well as personal enjoyment.  The hard part was trying to figure out exactly HOW using it contributes to my work as a designer and the influence it has held over me.  I think of it as influencing me overall, which then feeds into everything I do…including design.

There are two aspects to how I’ve broken it down:

1) Internet as Encyclopedia for my hungry mind.

Sites that contribute to this aspect:


Bernard Tschumi advertisments

Atlas Obscura

Alexander McQueen books, as well as Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness and the like…



New York Times

Films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Criterion Collection

2) Internet as Visual Stimulation for my eager eyes.


poetic, as well as visual interest from JJJJound

Google Images

Google search: Hermès orange

Online Magazines :

Decurate Magazine


Fashion Gone Rogue

influence from fashiongonerogue editorials

Bonus: Social Media use


community sharing: I love Chloe Sevigny’s guest bedroom


“there is rarely pleasure without seduction, or seduction without illusion” – bernard tschumi
October 19, 2011, 13:07
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Tschumi’s Advertisements for Architecture open up the mind about sensuality and architecture.

“Taken to its extreme, the pleasure of space leans toward the poetics of the unconscious, to the edge of madness.”

Meet Me In MY Campaign Tent
October 12, 2011, 15:30
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The latest issue of World of Interiors has a fantastic feature on Napoleon’s campaign tent.  I just can’t stop thinking about how some day I’d like a room to hide in that’s exactly like it.  Flower prints, leopard rugs, bright green silk brocade curtains…and a lovely iron canopy bed.  Pretty simple considering.  And a pretty good hideout, I’d imagine.  More campaign tents and furniture…some British….and I’ll need to get my hands on that book…

she has a sense of humour about her
May 26, 2011, 10:11
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Iris Apfel.  I love that she will rock neon and not because it’s trendy.

the rare bird shares her beautiful and BOLD Manhattan Apartment in the June issue of Arch Digest.

“I don’t care what people think…I learned a long time ago…I was 19 and had a very traumatic experience….and I learned that I have to go to bed with myself at night and that I have to please myself…and as long as I don’t go out of my way to offend anybody that I love, upset my mother or my husband…I’ll do my own thing. And if the public doesn’t like it, it’s their problem, not mine.”

assemblage of a classic
January 7, 2011, 17:17
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this is just fun and the colors are more than swell.

Green Ideas
December 7, 2010, 16:16
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Green Idea – The Island Planter from Woolly Plants.

See more Green Ideas, from moi…


Green up your life
November 30, 2010, 16:32
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and your design.

I’ve got a new blog up dedicated to 101 Green ideas, products and information on a sustainable {while still being fashionable, mind you!}, existence.

Check it out———————->

It’s also for a class project, so help an art student out and get to reusing, recycling, & reducing!