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industrial lighting | 70s country club rose | Iron cast candy

totally obsessed with these industrial lights.  I’m working them into a project.

Also dying to have the flowered chairs circa 1971.  They just scream WASPY golf club powder room to me.   I could design a whole world around them.

The PISTACHIO AGA Six Series cast iron stove did make its way into my house project.

How awesome is the Heather (lavender)?  and they have dark blue and aubergine!


April 24, 2010, 00:12
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I’m super into Swedish photog Jessica Silversaga’s site and Flickr.  By way of Alexandra Grecco.  I so love her clothes.

Check out more here.

Evolution of Couture
April 16, 2010, 07:10
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Beautiful gowns and Natural History?  Say no more…just give me more.  After contemplating my obsessions with taxidermy, bats, skeletons, dinosaurs and the table of elements, I picked up a copy of On the Origin of Species.  I figured if I didn’t fully grasp the text and complete the book, I’d at least absorb some inspiration for design.

This spread in the May issue of Elle is right in my wheelhouse.   The images (via fgr) were shot for Elle by Carter Smith with the aide of fashion editor Mario Grauso.  Model: Olga Sherer at the American Museum of Natural History.  Showcased in one of the images is the beautiful Givenchy dress Zoe Saldana rocked to the Oscars, which caused some peeps to hate.

Why Walk When You Can Gallop?
April 14, 2010, 11:34
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Cindy Gallop is the reigning queen of reinvention.  She did it with Tom Ford at Gucci and YSL.  She’s a powerhouse, spreading her thoughts on human sexuality and has taken it upon herself to change the way young generations of men think about sex and the myths tied to pornography, etc…

Check her sass out here by watching her 4-minute “one of the most talked about TED presentations” ever.  Cindy regularly contributes to TED.  Check out her bio.

I have myself become obsessed and proudly a Gallop Groupie ever since I peeked inside her “Black Box” apartment in what was formerly the NYC YMCA.  Her space oooooozes sexuality and is so very “Cindy.”  I think it’s a great example of how ones self and interests can become the art that surrounds.  As it should!  And it’s everywhere – even in the phone on her nightstand and the free standing black tile bathtub.  Seeing pix of her nightstand has reignited my obsession for owning the gold kiki de montparnasse handcuffs.

images from & the selby.

Take a video tour of the Black Apartment with Cindy (her opener statement is just classic).

Quotes I love from her website:

“My personal and professional interests embrace the interface between creativity and technology, and all the future possibilities thereof.”

“As one of my favorite poets, Robert Browning put it,  A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”