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From Russia With Love
December 30, 2011, 12:44
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Diggin the 50s vibe, diggin her hair and those glasses.  Pastels are my new black.  Meghan Collison shot by Ben Tom for Russia Vogue.


design’s ménage à trois
December 28, 2011, 12:09
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It’s not an exaggeration to say I leaped with joy when I saw the cover of  the 30th Anniversary edition of World of Interiors this month.  Featured are the fab trio that makes up Les Trois Garcons.  The two taxidermied ‘unicorns’ has solidified this girl as a staunch fan of their design.  I had to do some research and it’s all just too wonderful to see their interiors and read about their very over-the-top existence.  Every detail has been thought out to inspire and bring beauty into a space.  World Of Interiors features the new ‘weekend home’ that Les Trois has just completed.  A beautiful restoration of a  château in France.  Amongst my favorite things about this country home are of course the aforementioned unicorns, as well as a library dedicated to and turned into a room for curiousa and oddities.

The Telegraph recently did a review of the Trio’s hotspot eatery in London.  After reading reviews like this, I just want more and more…

Playful details are what the restaurant does best. Wedged between our puddings is an ashtray so voluptuous it seems rude not to smoke. Everyone nearby, including the unusually subdued hen party just behind, has lit up, but in this airy, high-ceilinged room only the most fervent anti-smoker would complain. Equally appealing is the salt cellar on our table – a glass Cinderella shoe the colour of mature Cognac.

As I ponder these witty touches, another waiter, an Irishman from County Cork, descends on us. “Madam,” he says, “Hassan would like to invite you upstairs.”

What to do? It’s unexpected, but I am very curious to see the owners’ apartment. Will I be shown the bedrooms? “Don’t leave me alone up there,” implores Peter, as we head for a narrow staircase at the corner of the bar. Greeting us at the top is Hassan, a genial, exquisite Malaysian, who introduces us to his misanthropic parrot, Jack, and his two elderly Dalmatians, Max and Oscar. Do the chefs walk them? “Oh no,” says Hassan. “They have a nanny.”

The flat is extraordinary, a fantasy antique shop filled with vintage frocks, sculptures and chaises longues. It’s as if Sir John Soane had married Marie Antoinette, only to fall in love with a taxidermist. Even the loo is wonderful, constructed out of an old Savoy lift rescued from a salvage yard.

images below of Lougelover and Les Trois Garçons in London.

December 19, 2011, 11:44
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What would Dita wear?  What would Dita do?  In case you’ve ever wondered, the NYT did a feature on Ms. Teese offers some insight.  I clipped it out and hung on my bathroom door.  If ever I’m uninspired, I’ll just ask WWDVTD?

Born Heather Sweet in Michigan, Dita Von Teese, 39, has been performing burlesque since 1992. Among several projects, she is working on a women’s clothing collection (Dita Von Teese Muse) and a lingerie line (Von Follies), both of which are to be introduced next spring. Ms. Von Teese lives in Paris and Los Angeles.   –BEE-SHYUAN CHANG


I woke up at 5:30 in the morning in my Paris apartment to catch a flight to Cologne, Germany. It’s getting quite cold in Europe, so I chose one of my favorite winter dresses, a ’50s tartan dress woven of purple, blue and black wool with a classic fit and flare shape. After a delayed flight, I appeared on Germany’s top chat show to promote my perfume, and I chose a green wool crepe one-shouldered Elie Saab dress that I’ve been wearing over and over for several years now. It’s everything I love in a dress: beautiful fabric, hourglass shape and perfect below-the-knee hemline. On the one shoulder, I pinned a teal green lacquered brooch with amber rhinestones by a fabulous designer I collect named Larry Vrba. Lastly, I wore six-inch round-toed green silk pumps with a curvy heel. Christian Louboutin made them for me when I performed at the Crazy Horse in Paris.


Flew to London to make an appearance at the Cointreau Privé pop-up bar — I’m the brand ambassador. Some of my fans were there, so I decided to give a sneak peek of my new dress collection by slipping on a luscious black silk velvet dress. It has a deep plunging décolletage, and I wore it with a black lace overwire bra from my Von Follies collection that peeked out the top. I wore diamondback seamed stockings and black lace Louboutin heels to match the black lace of the bra. I also had on a veiled Stephen Jones hat with little black mink pompoms. When I was a little girl, my mother would buy me old veiled hats from yard sales, and I would wear them around and dream of being a grown lady, so veiling my eyes has been a longtime obsession.


I headed out to the English countryside for my friend’s weekend-long birthday celebration. It was at an incredible estate with lots of grand taxidermy and objects of curiosity. I donned a sleeveless ’50s New Look dress with a plunging neckline. It’s heavy black wool with little flecks of pink, and has a slim waist and full skirt. On one very chilly Paris day, I discovered that it looks especially nice in the wintertime with my black Diane Von Furstenberg sweater underneath, so I wore it like this. I wore new over-the-knee leather flat boots that buttoned up the sides.

The dress code for the evening’s dinner and parlor games was pajamas, which was right up my alley. I’ve been collecting vintage loungewear for almost 20 years. I chose a royal purple silk loungewear set that has huge Chinese-frog closures decorating the front and ties at the waist with a big silken cord. It’s actually a reproduction of a 1940s pajama set I have that is extremely rare and beautiful. And I wore a pair of mink bunny slippers that my friend Catherine D’Lish made for me as a birthday gift. They are exquisite, with Swarovski eyes and pink silk in the insides of their ears.


I woke up in a stately four-poster bed and remembered I was in the countryside. After a leisurely breakfast, we dressed for a walk. I wore a Louis Vuitton tartan waistcoat and paired it with a heavyweight black wool slim skirt, a ’40s trilby hat and my button-up boots with flat heels. When we got back to the house, our boots were covered in mud. I changed into black thigh-high leather Moschino boots — perfect for our afternoon of ferret racing. Yes, I said ferret racing. I had never seen anything like that. It was kind of hysterical.


Caught the train from London to Paris. I love the challenge of dressing glamorously for travel, and one of my best tricks is to wear a beautiful coat. I put on a black coat I wear every winter with fox fur cuffs and collar. It reminds me of a coat I once saw on display in a museum, a Dior coat from the ’50s that belonged to the ballerina Margot Fonteyn. Underneath, I wore a fitted black cashmere dress from the ’80s. I bought it at a fabulous vintage store in L.A. called the Way We Wore.


I spent the morning doing some light housekeeping in my Paris apartment. I rushed from room to room in a vintage slip and one of my Wheels & Dollbaby cardigans. When I was in high school, I couldn’t afford the latest jeans, so shopping for cheap vintage pieces, like slips, was my way of being stylish. To run to the market, I threw on a forest green Sonia Rykiel coat over my slip and put on a pair of Chantal Thomass lace tights and ballet flats. I stayed in my slip all afternoon until my Pilates class. My Pilates uniform is simple; black capri leggings and a Rachel Pally fitted black T-shirt.


My friend Alexis Mabille came over to do a fitting. He designed a tuxedo for the latest incarnation of my martini-glass act. The tux is fitted over a very tight, sculptural Mr. Pearl corset, so it takes many fittings to get it just right. We started the process earlier in the fall, and it should be ready in January. Haute couture takes time! After the fitting, Alexis and I went to dinner together, but I also had a romantic rendezvous organized with a special someone afterward. So, I chose a simple black vintage sheath dress that I had tailored to perfection, and it has an adorable “Made in the U.S.A.” label that says “Mam’selle.” Perfect for Paris, non?

on heavy rotation & some outfit foundation
December 15, 2011, 15:23
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Get your Mickey Mouse sweater/sweatshirt on at Etsy…there are several available.

…the white dress was made by Anna- Sara Davik and I dream about it every night…Check out Anna-Sara’s site.  She has some amazing nail hardware. Tekla Knaust, styled the video and has more images posted on her blog.

…and yet another white dress…it’s pretty tough to find a great white dress in December…however, DIY your very own heavenly Maria floral crown just like Lana’s.  I found this amazing DIY at bluebird vintage.  I will be hitting up my craft store this winter break fo sho.