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Bespoke Wallpaper? Yes, please!!!
March 24, 2010, 12:07
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I was in NYC last week for the Architectural Digest Design Show at Pier 94.  There were so many lovely things to see and touch…One of my favorite discoveries:  Shanon Campanero’s whimsical bespoke wallpapers.  The wallpaper is made from digitally manipulated sections of Shanon’s paintings.  She came up with the process when decorating her own apartment in 2008.  What a way to self discovery!  Shanon studied art at St. Martin’s in London and now is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Fore more info,  check out

Talk about a great way to take up some wall space.  I love wallpaper & I hope to cover lots of walls with Shanon’s vision.  Some of my faves from Shanon’s collection:

Crown Jewels

Festival Feast

Bear In Mind

Culebra Cubic

Stag Hunt

Moroccan Sun

Tigers Eye


Moon Raven for Kittehs
March 19, 2010, 06:32
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I placed my order for Moon Raven’s Skull hair tie.   It was only after that I realized my kittehs could be matchies with me.

March 18, 2010, 07:00
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Do it the Stefano way.
March 16, 2010, 10:33
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I can’t remember the first time I saw Stefano Pilati — it was either in the documentary about YSL or in the Anna Wintour doc The September Issue.  I just know he was wearing all black and talking about how he was in a black mood.  Right, it was The September Issue…Anna was telling him he had too much black.  Loves him.

His style is gloriously disheveled.  Like Tom Ford, a distinguished master of his craft, but unlike the perfectly coiffed Ford, Stefano is a little more on the edge.

The messy locks, overgrown beard and sleeve tattoos place him in a category entirely his own.  The juxtaposition of the tats and his dapper suits has me swooning.  He also manages to up the amp with some sparkly glittery rock star touch, like a coat of sequins or lovely embroidered shirt peeking out from under what would otherwise be a pretty casual outfit.

I found this Q&A with Stefano from Wallpaper Mag.

Stefano Pilati has been at the helm of Yves Saint Laurent as creative director since 2004. In a relatively short space of time (even in the fashion world), he has steered the direction of the classic brand back to its French roots, though his latest menswear collection for Autumn/Winter ’08 has a distinctly British feel, not to mention a ground-breaking presentation. We caught up with the creative director to find out a little more…

Why did you decide to show the collection in a multimedia format as opposed to staging a traditional catwalk?
I used video as a medium because it seemed fitting considering today’s social and cultural climate. I wanted the message to have a broader, more democratic reach than a catwalk show can achieve.

We found it refreshing that you chose to work with directors who are relatively young, what was it about their work that particularly attracted you to them?
Their curiosity and innate creativity. It was as new and exciting for them to work with fashion as it was for me to work with video.

Do you think this multi-media type presentation may be the future of showing collections?
What I know is that it works for me, for Yves Saint Laurent, now.

How significant is it that both the directors and Simon Woods are British? Do you feel there’s a new vibrancy afoot in British culture?
I have always admired British culture and traditions.

How does this fit in with the direction of the YSL brand?
We are constantly pushing safe boundaries, experimenting. It keeps fashion vital.

How do you feel experimental methods of showing collections will affect the way people view, think about and ultimately purchase fashion?
They introduce the possibility of an intimacy and a connection between viewers/consumers and the collection that may not have been there before. A video experience can elicit a visceral, emotional reaction from its audience that is unmatched.

We feel the crossover of creative disciplines of late is leading to an amalgamation of culture as whole, where each discipline is no longer viewed as a separate entity in itself, operating in a creative vacuum – what are your thoughts on these developments?
There are certainly overlaps amongst disciplines and it’s true that they occur these days with greater frequency. Where such crossovers produce synergistic possibilities they are useful. Still, maintaining the integrity of a single discipline – its unique identity – is essential.

Where do you see the YSL brand fitting into this?
Yves Saint Laurent has always been about a world, a set of ideas and aesthetics. It has never been only about fashion.

“Most of the women I consider chic

are the ones

who show me they are

very aware of their personality.”

Maid Marion
March 15, 2010, 12:11
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My adorable friend Melco sent me this video of the collaboration between Marion Cotilliard and Franz Fernidad.  Coming to us from the same director of the new Gaga/Beyonce video, Jonas Akerlund, Marion looks smashing in her red dress and her suit and skinny tie.

The video is for Dior, as Marion is the face for Lady Dior.

“God Ain’t Gonna Put It In Your Lap”
March 12, 2010, 13:51
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Short film Directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker

Chloe on Elle | Zoe on the Red Carpet
March 8, 2010, 13:45
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It’s just hit me, why haven’t we seen more of her on Mag Covers?

Other mags would be smart to follow suit.

I’m rushing out to grab this issue.

The cover is beautiful.  Lovely that the Elle font has patterned letters to match the Miu Miu prints.

On another note, it seems many critics have decided that Zoe Saldana’s dress wasn’t Red Carpet Hot and have put her on their Worst Dressed list…I DISAGREE and think she brought something new and avant to the often boring, sameness found at the Oscars.

She still kept it glamorous.  Love the dark shoes falling in line with the dark purple of the dress…