Rouge My Knees

so I look in your direction
September 28, 2010, 08:29
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but you pay me no attention, do you?

I haven’t listened to this album or this song in ages…still love it…


You always come to the parties
September 28, 2010, 08:24
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You always come to the parties
Too bad the feathers are for the birds
All your needs
I will not let you grieve

I want your picture but not your words
You know the wanting, but there’s no verse

We always run our heads too much
We know the reason, but such and such
On your own,
You will not let your arm go

Jack of all trades
Master of none
Cry all the time
Cause i’m not having fun

We all look bigger together
you know if this is the devil’s plan
On your own,
You can not call me your heart

you always want to be forgiven
The devil loves what and you print
All your needs
But you can not; you will not agree

I will always remember the first time I watched Crash. Steff?  really?

Debonair: Alvar Aalto
September 27, 2010, 18:26
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archaic : gentle, courteous
a : suave, urbane <a debonair performer> b : lighthearted, nonchalant
deb·o·nair·ly adverb
deb·o·nair·ness noun

“We should work for simple, good, undecorated things” and he continues, “but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street.” ~alvar aalto

it’s all in the Skarsgård
September 25, 2010, 02:24
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Well shit yea for great genes.



Madras never had it so good.
September 23, 2010, 12:48
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Jake.  Jake Ryan.

I  have slipped once again into John Hugh’s fantasy world.  Watching Easy-A provoked the sleeping giant desire in me to end up in a god-awful lavender poof ball of a dress and into a ’84 cherry red Porche.

Aside from the obvious, Jake’s appeal has to do with his rugged and slightly preppie attire.  His jeans/sweater vest combo is my fave.

Well, who am I kidding…they’re all my fave.

I foresee a John Hughes marathon…

Can someone get me on this boat stat?
August 7, 2010, 09:16
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courtesy of Jean Touitou.

old constant resurfaces. Philllipe Cousteau Jr. keeps the message going…
August 6, 2010, 07:10
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Still in the midst of final projects, a few things I’m obsessing over lately.  This may be the world’s longest post but I just love all the images too much to cut any out or shrink them down.


1) the Pendleton blanket.  an old constant on my parents’ sofa…I’m not plotting to make two of these babies my own.  Two?  yes…because after deciding on the vintage J. Capps And Sons Tribute Blanket,  The new National Parks Editions made their way into my view plane.  I think I’m sold on Rainier.  The juxtaposition of the pinks/greens in J.Capps will go well with the bright red/stripes.


Crater Lake:


Grand Canyon:




2) Philippe Cousteau Jr.  Thank Goddess the latest generation of Cousteau is around today to help our oil drenched oceans get some exposure.